Waters Kraus & Paul Partner Loren Jacobsen Heads False Claims Act Panel Discussion

June 17, 2014 — Waters & Kraus partner Loren Jacobson recently moderated a False Claims Act panel discussion in Washington D.C. that focused on proving damages and assessing penalties in qui tam lawsuits. Those on the panel included David Wiseman, Senior Trial Counsel with the U.S. Justice Department as well as nationally recognized lawyers who represent corporations and health care providers that have been sued in False Claims Act litigation. Ms. Jacobson, by contrast, has built her reputation working on behalf of whistleblowers, also called “relators,” who file a lawsuit on behalf of the government when, for example, Medicare contractors or military contractors file false claims with the government, seeking more than they’re entitled to by law.
Medicare fraud drives up the cost of health care and puts patients at risk when unnecessary procedures are performed. The government relies on health care insiders to identify False Claims Act violations and step forward. Whistleblower lawsuit attorneys like Ms. Jacobson work hand-in-hand with the Justice Department to defend our public healthcare programs against fraudulent claims by unscrupulous providers. Tipsters who file a claim for the benefit of the government may be entitled to a share of the proceeds should the government receive a recovery.
Those in attendance at the recent Washington D.C. conference heard presentations about different forms of False Claims Act violations committed by many in the health care field, including doctors and hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and medical device makers. Particular attention was given to the use of the statute to redress violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark law. Panelists also spoke about future use of the False Claims Act to tackle fraudulent claims made to health care exchanges under the recently implemented Affordable Care Act.

Health Care Insiders Play Central Role in Exposing Medicare Fraud

Health care insiders are the first to observe False Claims Act violations involving kickbacks paid by a pharmaceutical company to persuade physicians to prescribe the drug maker’s products. These conscientious whistleblowers deserve to understand the qui tam process. Loren Jacobson focuses on False Claims Act litigation from the firm’s Dallas office, while Paul Lawrence handles whistleblower lawsuits from our Washington D.C. area office. Contact us by email or phone Waters & Kraus at 855.784.0268 to discover more about collaborating to fight health care fraud.

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