Investors’ Claims Against Wells Fargo Cleared to Move Forward

Law360: Wells Fargo Can’t Shake Derivative Claims in Lifetrade Suits

Wells Fargo escaped foreign law claims but must face derivative claims in five related suits brought by offshore investors accusing it of aiding Lifetrade Fund BV officers in squandering hundreds of millions of dollars, a New York federal judge ruled Monday.

Lifetrade mutual fund...

Dolores Huerta – A Woman Who Marched On.

At a transformative period in our nation’s history, prominent figures led the fight for civil and social justice. They inspired the promise of a better future for every American despite turmoil that alleged otherwise. As an agricultural organizer outraged by racial and economic injustices, Dolores Huerta embodied the spirit of change which defined that period.

Today, Huerta, 90,...

Global Asbestos Awareness Week – 2020

Over forty years have passed since the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared asbestos to be a human carcinogen. Though the mineral has been depended on for much of recorded human history, its recognized threat to the health and safety of people is what has enabled a worldwide movement of inhibiting any use of it. Although, the 16th annual global asbestos awareness  conference...

César Chávez Day– Fasting for the Union

For over 30 years of his life, César Chávez fought to end the plight of farm workers in the United States. Through his civil rights activism and leadership, Chávez enabled a unionized movement. One that allowed farm workers to recognize that they are not only deserving of better wages and a life of dignity, but that they are entitled to it.

The Union of Farm Workers (UFW) which...

Michael Armitage Receives Supers Lawyer 2020 Designation

Congratulations to Waters Kraus & Paul partner Michael Armitage on receiving prestigious “Super Lawyers” of Southern California recognition.

The Super Lawyers list is a designation of top-rated practicing attorneys elected through an extensive evaluation process every year. This notable designation comprises only five percent of attorneys in Southern California, and has included...

Southern California Super Lawyers 2020 Named Gary Paul and Michael Armitage

Congratulations to partners Gary Paul and Michael Armitage on their recent “Super Lawyers” of Southern California recognition.

About Super Lawyers® The Super Lawyers list is a designation of top-rated practicing attorneys selected through extensive evaluation, for which Michael Armitage has been recognized and awarded every year since 2006. Gary Paul has...

What Are Qui Tam Whistleblower Laws?

In the United States, ordinary people can file lawsuits when it comes to fraud committed at federal taxpayers expense. It’s a centuries-old American tradition, dating to 1778. Today’s whistleblowers operate under the provisions of the False Claims Act, enacted in 1863 and considered to be one of the most effective tools of the federal government to combat fraud.

From 1986 to 2019,...

Alaska Public Media News: Hoverboard Dentist and Medicaid Fraud

Victim testifies she was “livid” Anchorage dentist pulled her tooth while on hoverboard.

Update: Seth Lookhart has been convicted on 46 counts, including medical assistance fraud and reckless endangerment, according to state prosecutors. The judge also found Lookhart Dental LLC guilty of 40 criminal counts. Lookhart is scheduled to be sentenced on April 30.

An Anchorage...

TCRP: Court Rules in Favor of Texas Voters

national plaintiffs firm

Ruling comes one week before Super Tuesday voter registration deadline.

San Antonio, Tex.––Yesterday Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ordered Texas to register three citizens to vote based on the information collected from their last online driver’s license change-of-address transaction, by Monday at the latest. Monday is the deadline for Texans to...

Voters Move Forward with Suit Against Texas

national plaintiffs firm

Three Texas voters, along with two nonprofits, make good on promise to file suit against the state of Texas for continued violations of the federal “motor voter” law.

SAN ANTONIO, TX––In an ongoing battle for the ability to register to vote as permitted by federal law, a group of voters and two nonprofits filed suit against the state of Texas yesterday for continuing to...

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