TCRP: Court Rules in Favor of Texas Voters

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Ruling comes one week before Super Tuesday voter registration deadline.

San Antonio, Tex.––Yesterday Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ordered Texas to register three citizens to vote based on the information collected from their last online driver’s license change-of-address transaction, by Monday at the latest. Monday is the deadline for Texans to...

Voters Move Forward with Suit Against Texas

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Three Texas voters, along with two nonprofits, make good on promise to file suit against the state of Texas for continued violations of the federal “motor voter” law.

SAN ANTONIO, TX––In an ongoing battle for the ability to register to vote as permitted by federal law, a group of voters and two nonprofits filed suit against the state of Texas yesterday for continuing to...

Pain and Pregnancy: The Opioid Epidemic is a Women’s Issue

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While the use of opioid drugs increases among pregnant women, it is important to understand the risks associated with short and long-term opioid use during and after pregnancy. Pain is common during pregnancy and women experience a range of aches, from lower back and pelvic pain to achy joints and migraines. To manage acute pain during pregnancy, doctors may suggest nonsteroidal...

State Called Out for Continuing to Violate the Federal Voter Law

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Voters along with civil and voter rights advocates put state of Texas on notice of continued violation of the federal “motor voter” law.

AUSTIN, TX –Jarrod Stringer, Nayeli Gomez, John Harms, MOVE Texas Civic Fund, and the League of Women Voters of Texas, represented by the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) and Waters & Kraus, LLP, put the state of...

“Judicial Hellholes” Are a Plaintiff’s Saving Grace

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When “Big Business” puts profits over safety, and current regulations are not enough, the civil justice system is often the last line of consumer protection. If you follow a product’s usage label and it makes you sick or injured, common sense would lead you to believe that the manufacturer who created the label should be held responsible. However, after the California Supreme Court ruled...

Law360: US Steel Must Face Seaman’s Asbestos Exposure Suit

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An Ohio appellate panel on Monday revived a suit accusing U.S. Steel of causing a worker’s mesothelioma death due to asbestos exposure on company-owned ships, saying the trial judge was wrong to apply state law rather than federal law to the estate’s federal Jones Act and unseaworthiness claims.

The suit filed by the former merchant marine’s widow, Diane Shaffer,...

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day — Veterans Still Fighting

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December 7, 1941, remains a date that many have never forgotten—a day that has lived in infamy for both military veterans and the American public. During the attacks at Pearl Harbor, U.S. military casualties totaled more than 3,400, including more than 2,300 killed on the Honolulu, Hawaii, military base.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Between the 1930s...

Mesh Lawsuits Reveal the Effect of Poorly Regulated Medical Devices

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More than 80,000 deaths in the past decade were linked to complications from medical devices, according to a recent New York Times article. This shocking statistic has resulted from manufacturers concerning themselves more with the benefits of introducing new medical equipment quickly, rather than thoroughly testing for safety. Once the products were released, device makers failed to...

Talc: Asbestos Exposure in Everyday Objects

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For a number of years, women across the country have been claiming that talc found in Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Baby Powder has caused ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, manufacturers continually use talcum powder in a multitude of products – many of which carry traces of asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen. It is the only known cause of mesothelioma and is often linked to the...

Media Manipulation Comes Out During Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

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Between growing concern over the safety of glyphosate and allegations of media manipulation, who should the public trust when it comes to understanding the dangers of using Roundup herbicide? As confidential documents were uncovered during discovery in Monsanto Roundup lawsuits, the herbicide maker and its parent company, Bayer, were accused of manipulating the media to portray their...

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