New WK Partner Gives Whistleblowers a Voice

Newly Appointed Waters Kraus & Paul Partner Gives Whistleblowers a Compelling Voice

Decision to Promote Loren Jacobson Was ‘Easy and Unanimous,’ Says WK Partner

DALLAS — National plaintiffs’ firm Waters Kraus & Paul has announced the promotion of Loren Jacobson to its roster of partners, effective January 1, 2011. Since joining the firm’s Dallas office in 2004, Ms. Jacobson has been a tenacious client advocate in qui tam (whistleblower) litigation and works as a steadfast ally for plaintiffs with asbestos-related cancer by providing key legal support for their cases.

“She’s got incredible industry, incredible efficiency, and incredible resourcefulness for discerning the problems in a situation and solving them,” said Charles Siegel, partner and head of the Waters Kraus & Paul qui tam department. “With her long service to the firm and very accomplished work, there was absolutely no debate about making her a partner — it was an easy and unanimous decision. She has just really excelled on every score.”

While many of the qui tam cases she’s championed are under seal, the case of Wall vs. Vistacare involving allegations of fraud in the hospice care industry is one notable example of Ms. Jacobson’s approach to helping whistleblowers win justice.

“My clients are often very courageous and put their jobs on the line to report and expose fraud against the government,” said Ms. Jacobson. “They very often are retaliated against and are blacklisted from the industry, and yet they stand up and do the right thing. It’s an honor to represent them.” She has a similar attitude toward the firm’s asbestos-related mesothelioma clients, for whom she frequently handles legal briefings and appellate work.

“Our clients who have mesothelioma are really salt-of-the-earth guys who worked hard their whole lives, and they find themselves with this terrible disease through no fault of their own,” Ms. Jacobson explained. “I suppose in the David and Goliath scenario, I like being on the side of the David.”

Not only is Ms. Jacobson driven by a strong empathy for the client — she also credits her employer with creating a supportive and stimulating work environment that fosters and rewards the best in her.

“Waters Kraus & Paul has really been supportive of me finding my balance, and I think that’s really special for a law firm,” said Ms. Jacobson, a mother of two young children. “I love the work that I do and the people whom I work with — and so it’s easy to work hard and do well. I’m just humbled by the decision to make me part of a partnership of people whom I really admire.”

Ms. Jacobson earned her Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School, where she served as an articles editor of the Columbia Law Review. Prior to coming to Waters Kraus & Paul, she served as a judicial law clerk in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and in the United States Court of appeals for the Second Circuit. Ms. Jacobson is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, Dallas Bar Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund.

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