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Mental Health Center Settles Whistleblower Case for $4M

Whistleblower lawsuit reveals unqualified and unsupervised South Bay employees allegedly provided mental health treatment in violation of Mass. False Claims Act.

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Attorney General announced Thursday that mental health services provider South Bay Mental Health Center, Inc., along with its parent companies Community Intervention Services, Inc....

Houston Doctor Settles Medicare Fraud Charges for $1.5M

The former president of a leading medical association agrees to resolve whistleblower allegations of False Claims Act violations and Medicare fraud.

HOUSTON — A lawsuit brought by a whistleblower nurse alleging 7.5 years of Medicare fraud committed by Houston doctor Dr. Gurunath Thota Reddy and his practice settled for $1,575,000, according to an announcement...

The Difference Between U.S. & U.K. Whistleblowers – A Reward

whistleblower relator reward

Discounting Successful Use of Whistleblower Relator Rewards in the U.S., U.K. Regulators Chose Not to Implement this Powerful Incentive

While the U.S. government has dramatically increased its recovery from corporate fraud by incentivizing citizens with a whistleblower relator reward, the British government relies solely on the good morals of its citizens. Taking the approach that...

Qui Tam Whistleblowers Cutting Health Care Costs by Billions

healthcare fraud

Amidst Increasing Health Care Costs, Qui Tam Whistleblowers Have Saved the Government Almost $20 Billion from Healthcare Fraud

In 2010 alone, healthcare fraud involving Medicare payments cost the government and tax payers nearly $50 billion. As health care costs are increasing, the importance of qui tam whistleblowers also increases. Qui tam whistleblowers, sometimes called relators,...

Financial CHOICE Act 2.0 May Change Whistleblowers’ Tune

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Financial CHOICE Act 2.0 Acts to Scare Off Potential Whistleblowers by Withholding Whistleblower Relator Rewards from Anyone Involved in the Fraud

The Financial CHOICE Act 2.0 could severely reduce the amount of tips the government receives about misuse of government programs and contracts. While the False Claims Act (“FCA”), under the qui tam provision, creates financial incentives...

Whistleblower Case Against Walgreens Results in $9.9 Million Settlement

False Claims Act lawsuit revealed that Walgreens ignored California’s diagnosis restrictions and billed the California Medicaid program for diagnosis-restricted drugs without verifying that the drugs were prescribed for permitted uses.

DALLAS – Retail pharmacy chain Walgreens has agreed with the California Department of Justice, the United States Department of...

Dismissal Ruled Not Automatic if False Claims Act Seal Breached

whistleblower claim

When a person learns of possible fraud going on within the company they work for (or otherwise), it is imperative that they take action to pursue justice. Thanks to the False Claims Act, there is an easy route an individual may take, often with the help of a qui tam attorney – but there are a few rules. After evidence supporting a possible claim is brought to the government the whistleblower...

SEC Reports Another Historic Year for Whistleblowers

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Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower program, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had a historic fiscal year in 2016, reportedly awarding $57 million to whistleblowers who provided key information about misuse of government programs and contracts. The Dodd-Frank program was started in August 2011. It has since awarded over $136 million to honest individuals, often represented...

2016 Third Highest Year for False Claims Act Recoveries

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It is no surprise that government programs can be taken advantage of by people and companies who are supported by them. Sadly, this happens far too often – a well-respected company or person decides to take advantage of taxpayer money for their own benefit. Due to this, it is as important as ever for those who learn of these injustices to report what they know to the government so that qui...

Texas “Frack Master” Charged in Alleged Securities Fraud Scheme

securities fraud

Chris Faulkner — the self-styled “Frack Master” of Dallas — has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in an alleged $80 million oil and gas securities fraud scheme. According to the SEC, Faulkner was the ringleader of a scam that circulated phony offering materials, siphoned off investor funds and tried to manipulate the stock price of Faulkner’s oil and gas...

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