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Lawyers Fight to Give Voice to Babies Affected by Opioids

In the ongoing legal battle for justice for opioid victims, attorneys argue that newborns should be separated into a different track from other cases.

A sprawling collection of opioid-related cases is currently moving forward as part of a multi-district litigation (MDL). But the attorneys representing babies injured by opioids are arguing for a separate track for their...

Opioids, Birth Defects, and Fetal Health

opioid-induced birth defects

As concern grows over the rise in opioid related deaths, we must also consider how the drugs affect the youngest victims and the link to birth defects in developing babies.

The damages wrought by the opioid epidemic continue to increase. The American Medical Association reports that the number of deaths directly related to synthetic opioids has risen above...

The Latest on Opioid Litigation From Every Angle

opioid lawsuits

A recent conference brought together speakers from all sides to assess the issues surrounding an increasing number of opioid epidemic-related lawsuits.

Waters & Kraus’s Seattle-based attorney, Kay Gunderson Reeves, was in Dallas on June 28, 2018, to attend the first Perrin Opioid Litigation Conference. Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, insurers, and...

OxyContin Manufacturer Changes Marketing Practices

opioid lawyers

Going forward, Purdue will halt promotion of opioids to doctors.

Privately held pharmaceutical manufacturer Purdue Pharma says that it will no longer market OxyContin, the most sold opioid painkiller in the world, to doctors. Multiple lawsuits blame the pharmaceutical company for helping to trigger the opioid epidemic and are putting pressure on Purdue. This...

Opioid Refills Raise Risk of Dependency in Surgical Patients

opioid case

Larger doses may not be the problem in the opioid crisis.

According to a study of over one million commercially insured patients, the length of opioid prescriptions rather than the dosage is the prime determinant of ongoing opioid misuse among surgical patients. Misuse is defined as dependence, abuse, and/or overdose. Patients were considered opioid-naïve if...

When Consumer Safety Does Not Seem to Matter

opioid lawyer AAJ article highlights the ongoing problem with corporations choosing money over honesty and consumer safety.

The American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) newest report highlights corporate misconduct and how it impacts the average U.S. citizen’s everyday life. A consistent lack of transparency from these corporations demonstrates how “when corporations put profits before safety and...

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