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DynCorp Chem Spray Suit Ilumina La Falta De Precaución y Cuidado

expuestos a sustancias químicas

Un juez federal en Washington D.C. determinó que las sentencias contra 20 demandantes en demandas contra DynCorp sobre una operación de herbicida antidrogas en Colombia no se aplicaron a la clase de aproximadamente 2.000 personas presuntamente expuestas a la sustancia. Las alegaciones de los miembros de la clase eran concretamente específicas para cada miembro de la clase, lo que...

Glyphosate Added to Cancer List Despite Monsanto’s Efforts

Glyphosate exposure leads to birth defects

The Herbicide Glyphosate, a Key Ingredient of Roundup Weed Killer Products, Will be Sent to California’s Cancer-Causing Chemicals List Despite Monsanto’s Efforts to Stay the Decision

The herbicide glyphosate will be added to California’s list of cancer-causing chemicals, as required by Proposition 65, after the state’s Supreme Court rejected Monsanto Co.’s request to stay the...

Farmers of Ecuador Claim Poisoning by Roundup but this Corporation Denies Responsibility

Once again, a case involving the toxic herbicide Roundup containing the chemical glyphosate is in the courts. This time a roughly 2000-strong class action suit against DynCorp, is claiming the drift and runoff from spraying fields poisoned farmers and communities in Ecuador. Plan Colombia, created by the U.S. and Colombian governments, contracted DynCorp to spray cocaine and opium crops in...

Remembering Cesar Chavez and his Wrath of Grapes Speech

exposure to pesticides

Cesar Chavez captured the public eye in the late 1960s. Born in Arizona at the beginning of the Great Depression, Chavez and his family moved to California after losing their farm when he was 10 years old. The Chavez family got by as seasonal migrant farm workers witnessing firsthand the injustices of life in the agricultural business, or “agribusiness” as Chavez called it. Combining a...

DynCorp Chem Spray Suit Illuminates Lack of Caution and Care

exposed to chemicals

A federal judge in Washington D.C. determined that rulings against 20 plaintiffs in lawsuits against DynCorp over an anti-drug herbicide operation in Colombia did not apply to the roughly 2,000-strong class allegedly exposed to the substance. The allegations from the class members were factually specific to each class member, which meant that the rulings against the 20 plaintiffs had little to...

Why is a Pesticide Linked to Childhood Birth Defects Still Heavily Used on Farms?

Parents who work as farmhands or pickers are often in nearby fields when pesticides like Roundup are sprayed. Farmworkers sometimes even eat fruits that have recently been sprayed. But there is a toxin in many pesticides, called glyphosate, that is linked by two international health organizations to cancer and childhood birth defects including missing or deformed limbs, and many other health...

 ¿Puede Exposición Tóxicos Causan Defectos de Nacimiento?

Según los centros para el Control de la enfermedad, un bebé en el 33 se verán afectados por un defecto de nacimiento. Sin embargo, algunos son totalmente prevenibles. Una de las principales causas de defectos de nacimiento en los Estados Unidos es por que los padres que han sido expuestos a los pesticidas o químicos tóxicos a menudo, involuntariamente en el lugar de trabajo. Tres...

Silence Regarding Toxic Pesticides Is Concerning, But Not Surprising

pesticide exposure

First, the tobacco industry assured consumers that cigarettes were safe. Then, corporations were adamant about the “fact” that exposure to asbestos was a nonissue.  In both instances, the most common industry response to the scientific community’s concerns with the health risks posed by these products was the false claim that there simply was “not enough information” to conclude...

Can Toxic Exposure Cause Birth Defects?

Can Toxic Exposure Cause Birth Defects

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one baby in 33 will suffer from a birth defect. Yet some are completely preventable. One of the primary causes for birth defects in the US? A parent’s exposure to toxic chemicals, often unwittingly at the workplace. Three industries commonly known for potential of toxic exposure are the agricultural industry due to pesticides, semiconductor...

‘Roundup Ready’ Crops Immune from Powerful Herbicide, but What About Us?

glyphosate exposure

Ever seen what Monsanto’s Roundup does to weeds and other organic matter?

The smart folks at Monsanto have created a cash cow in Roundup, its powerful herbicide containing a widely used and controversial chemical known as glyphosate. Monsanto found a way to genetically modify its branded and trademarked seeds so that crops are resistant to glyphosate, allowing commercial agriculture...

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