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Lack of Mesh Regulation Leads to Lawsuits

Lack of Hernia Mesh Regulation

Lacking stringent testing and regulation, hernia mesh implants created severe and potentially life-threatening complications — and 50,000 lawsuits.

Medical devices are more common in American society than one might believe. Seventy million Americans have a medical device implanted within their bodies. Even the doctors implanting the devices often fail to appreciate how loosely...

Women Remain Strong in Fight Against Dangerous Mesh

transvaginal mesh

Choosing profits over women’s safety continues to be a battle worth fighting against.

Women’s History Month may be over, but it does not mean that the opportunity to celebrate women and all of their accomplishments, contributions, and strengths ends there. Many of these have been hard-fought against people and organizations that have put money and personal...

When Consumer Safety Does Not Seem to Matter

opioid lawyer AAJ article highlights the ongoing problem with corporations choosing money over honesty and consumer safety.

The American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) newest report highlights corporate misconduct and how it impacts the average U.S. citizen’s everyday life. A consistent lack of transparency from these corporations demonstrates how “when corporations put profits before safety and...

Potential UK Mesh Ban Increases U.S. Scrutiny

Will a potential UK transvaginal mesh ban increase US scrutiny UK health institute is to recommend that vaginal mesh operation be banned from treating organ prolapse in England.

The BBC reports that the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) may recommend that vaginal mesh medical devices be banned for general use and used only for research.  These mesh products are intended to treat a common condition known as pelvic...

CR Bard to Stay Put in IVC Filter Multidistrict Litigation

IVC filter attorneys

C.R. Bard’s argument to get out of multidistrict litigation is denied.

An Arizona federal judge has dismissed C.R. Bard Inc.’s request to evade multidistrict litigation, ruling the state law claims are not preempted by federal law. Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is a procedure the federal courts use to handle hundreds or thousands of lawsuits that may be filed in federal courts...

Ethicon Withholds Info to Protect Mesh Profits

unsafe medical devices A consistent chain of behavior demonstrates Ethicon’s disregard for patient safety, making profit its first priority, and dragging its heels on reprinting mesh instructions with proper warnings.

On November 29th, company officials from Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson unit, presented deposition testimony admitting the company was aware of potential complications related to a mesh medical...

Justices Just Say “No” to Review of Removal of Filter Suits

inferior vena cava filters On Monday, November 27, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a medical device maker.

The appeal sought to remove eight consolidated suits involving more than 100 consumers allegedly harmed by the company’s vascular filters from California state court to federal court. The Supreme Court’s decision leaves intact the 9th Circuit’s ruling that the cases against Cordis Corp. do...

How Medical Device ID Numbers Could Be Saving the Public

failed medical devices

Identification numbers are key in tracking Medicare spending on recalled medical devices and protecting consumer health.

According to auditors with Medicare’s financial watchdog office, the federal Medicare program is spending billions of dollars on failed medical devices. Currently, the government lacks a reliable way to track public spending on the thousands of recalled or defective...

Johnson & Johnson is Causing a Mess with Transvaginal Mesh

complications from transvaginal mesh

A jury verdict of $57 million was handed down against Johnson & Johnson and awarded to Ellla Baugh, a Philadelphia woman who was injured by a commonly used product: transvaginal mesh.

What is Transvaginal Mesh used for?

Around 40 percent of all women experience some form of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in their lives. POP occurs when the pelvic floor tissues holding up the uterus,...

$3 Million Verdict for Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Upheld

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Verdict

The Fourth Circuit Upheld a $3.27 Million Verdict Issued Against Johnson & Johnson’s Subsidiary, Ethicon Inc., for its Defective Transvaginal Mesh

A $3.27 million verdict was upheld by the Fourth Circuit for a woman who suffered pain from a defective transvaginal pelvic mesh implant. In 2012, the woman sued Ethicon Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, for its use of a...

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