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¿No deberían Prohibirse Los Plaguicidas Si La EPA Sabe Que Causan Defectos Congénitos?

El clorpirifos es una sustancia fabricada por Dow Chemical que se encuentra en plaguicidas ampliamente utilizados en productos comidos por los estadounidenses cada día. Se aplica en más de la mitad de todos los cultivos de manzana y brócoli en los Estados Unidos. Se aplican de 6 a 10 millones de libras adicionales en maíz, cebollas, espárragos, fresas, soja, duraznos, arándanos y nueces....

Clinical Report Suggests Benefits of Shared Decision-Making

birth defects caused by exposure to toxic chemicals

A Clinical Report Published by the AAP Suggests Benefits of Shared Decision-Making for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Big decisions about the care and treatment of children with disabilities, including birth defects caused by exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, typically fall solely on the child’s parents. The decision-making responsibility can weigh heavily on the...

Glyphosate Added to Cancer List Despite Monsanto’s Efforts

Glyphosate exposure leads to birth defects

The Herbicide Glyphosate, a Key Ingredient of Roundup Weed Killer Products, Will be Sent to California’s Cancer-Causing Chemicals List Despite Monsanto’s Efforts to Stay the Decision

The herbicide glyphosate will be added to California’s list of cancer-causing chemicals, as required by Proposition 65, after the state’s Supreme Court rejected Monsanto Co.’s request to stay the...

Early Treatment Increases Survival Rate of Children with CHD

Early Treatment Increases Survival Rate of Children with CHD

Relieving News for Parents of Children with Heart Defects – Denmark Study Indicates that Treating Children Earlier Increases Survival Rates

A study of data collected in Denmark has provided good news for parents of children with congenital heart defects (CHD). According to the study, children with CHD are being treated for this birth defect earlier in their lives, which is likely...

Child Birth Defects Impacting Mental Health of Parents

mental health of parents of children with birth defects

Early Studies Indicate that Parents of Children with Birth Defects May Struggle with Mental Health

Parents have one of the hardest jobs in the world – raising a child. The stress of this job greatly increases when the child is born with a birth defect.  Parents of children born with birth defects have a long list of responsibilities when it comes to caring for their children, and the...

Economics “Trump” Safety: EPA Approves Harmful Pesticide

pesticide can cause birth defects

Scott Pruitt, the New Head of the EPA, Reverses Previous Steps Towards Banning a Dangerous Pesticide – Families of Farmworkers Will Suffer the Consequences.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent dismissal of scientific studies linking a common pesticide to birth defects could have harmful consequences on unprotected families of farmworkers. Chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used to...

Birth Defects Lawsuit Blaming Pesticide Exposure Nears End

hemifacial microsomia

Mother Issues Powerful Testimony in Birth Defects Lawsuit – Describes Being Repeatedly Sprayed by Pesticide

David Bricker and Susan M. Ulrich, birth defect attorneys for Waters Kraus & Paul, are nearing the end of a heated civil trial representing Erik Joe Morales, a 9-year-old born with hemifacial microsomia. The birth defects lawsuit alleges that Erik’s hemifacial microsomia...

Farmers of Ecuador Claim Poisoning by Roundup but this Corporation Denies Responsibility

Once again, a case involving the toxic herbicide Roundup containing the chemical glyphosate is in the courts. This time a roughly 2000-strong class action suit against DynCorp, is claiming the drift and runoff from spraying fields poisoned farmers and communities in Ecuador. Plan Colombia, created by the U.S. and Colombian governments, contracted DynCorp to spray cocaine and opium crops in...

Remembering Cesar Chavez and his Wrath of Grapes Speech

exposure to pesticides

Cesar Chavez captured the public eye in the late 1960s. Born in Arizona at the beginning of the Great Depression, Chavez and his family moved to California after losing their farm when he was 10 years old. The Chavez family got by as seasonal migrant farm workers witnessing firsthand the injustices of life in the agricultural business, or “agribusiness” as Chavez called it. Combining a...

Coverage of a Birth Defects Lawsuit Trial Involving Pesticide Exposure

birth defects lawsuit

Waters Kraus & Paul birth defects attorneys, David Bricker and Susan M. Ulrich, are currently in civil trial representing 9-year-old Erik Joe Morales for a birth defects lawsuit in California. Local publication Ventura County Star is covering the case.

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