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Economics “Trump” Safety: EPA Approves Harmful Pesticide

pesticide can cause birth defects

Scott Pruitt, the New Head of the EPA, Reverses Previous Steps Towards Banning a Dangerous Pesticide – Families of Farmworkers Will Suffer the Consequences.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent dismissal of scientific studies linking a common pesticide to birth defects could have harmful consequences on unprotected families of farmworkers. Chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used to...

Birth Defects Lawsuit Blaming Pesticide Exposure Nears End

hemifacial microsomia

Mother Issues Powerful Testimony in Birth Defects Lawsuit – Describes Being Repeatedly Sprayed by Pesticide

David Bricker and Susan M. Ulrich, birth defect attorneys for Waters Kraus & Paul, are nearing the end of a heated civil trial representing Erik Joe Morales, a 9-year-old born with hemifacial microsomia. The birth defects lawsuit alleges that Erik’s hemifacial microsomia...

Farmers of Ecuador Claim Poisoning by Roundup but this Corporation Denies Responsibility

Once again, a case involving the toxic herbicide Roundup containing the chemical glyphosate is in the courts. This time a roughly 2000-strong class action suit against DynCorp, is claiming the drift and runoff from spraying fields poisoned farmers and communities in Ecuador. Plan Colombia, created by the U.S. and Colombian governments, contracted DynCorp to spray cocaine and opium crops in...

Remembering Cesar Chavez and his Wrath of Grapes Speech

exposure to pesticides

Cesar Chavez captured the public eye in the late 1960s. Born in Arizona at the beginning of the Great Depression, Chavez and his family moved to California after losing their farm when he was 10 years old. The Chavez family got by as seasonal migrant farm workers witnessing firsthand the injustices of life in the agricultural business, or “agribusiness” as Chavez called it. Combining a...

Coverage of a Birth Defects Lawsuit Trial Involving Pesticide Exposure

birth defects lawsuit

Waters Kraus & Paul birth defects attorneys, David Bricker and Susan M. Ulrich, are currently in civil trial representing 9-year-old Erik Joe Morales for a birth defects lawsuit in California. Local publication Ventura County Star is covering the case.

This recap pulls direct quote highlights from the paper’s stories with links to the full story.

Lawsuit claims...

Shouldn’t Pesticides be Banned if the EPA Knows they Cause Birth Defects?

birth defect attorneys

Chlorpyrifos is a substance made by Dow Chemical found in pesticides widely used on produce eaten by Americans every day. It’s applied to more than half of all apple and broccoli crops in the US. An additional 6 to 10 million pounds is sprayed on corn, onions, asparagus, strawberries, soybeans, peaches, cranberries, and walnuts. It’s purpose? To kill ants and fight the fruit tree killer...

Celebrating the Role of Law in Improved Working Conditions on Law Day

workplace exposure of toxic substances

Law Day gives the attorneys at Waters Kraus & Paul the chance to appreciate why each lawyer practices and what they are fighting for. One driving factor of this firm is the improvement of conditions for workers. A person should be able to make a living without being exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos, benzene, pesticides or chemicals which harm the health of the worker or...

DynCorp Chem Spray Suit Illuminates Lack of Caution and Care

exposed to chemicals

A federal judge in Washington D.C. determined that rulings against 20 plaintiffs in lawsuits against DynCorp over an anti-drug herbicide operation in Colombia did not apply to the roughly 2,000-strong class allegedly exposed to the substance. The allegations from the class members were factually specific to each class member, which meant that the rulings against the 20 plaintiffs had little to...

EPA Recognizes Danger of Popular Agricultural Pesticide

In November 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency addressed the serious dangers of the substance chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin and popular pesticide used extensively in the agricultural farming industry. The report contains evidence that the pesticide can cause intelligence deficits and attention, memory, and motor problems in children. The findings are less than surprising to many...

Honrando a Trabajadores Agrícolas el Día de César Chávez

exposure to pesticides

Los campesinos de América tuvieron un gran campeón en César Chávez, un hombre que trabajó incansable pero pacíficamente luchando por obtener derechos para los granjeros migrantes en America. En ambos estados en los que Waters Kraus & Paul representan a sus clientes, California y Texas, reconocen formalmente al activista de derechos civiles en el Día César Chávez, el 31 de Marzo....

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