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Waters Kraus & Paul Works With Asbestos Victims to Fight “Bare Metal Defense”

bare metal defense

As a case with serious implications for veterans exposed to asbestos heads to the Supreme Court, asbestos sufferers share their personal stories in hopes of obtaining justice.

In the case, Air and Liquid Systems Corp. v. Devries, the wives of two deceased U.S. Navy veterans allege that their late husbands were exposed to asbestos-containing insulation during...

Memorial Day – Honoring Lives Sacrificed Serving Our Country

pleural mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure

As we honor those who sacrificed their lives serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, we must not forget the veterans who are still suffering.

Each year on the last Monday of May, we honor the brave veterans who sacrificed their lives serving in the United States armed forces. These courageous men and women gave their lives to fight for the freedom and safety of...

Asbestos: Where the U.S. Stands in the World

asbestos attorneys In comparison to many other countries, the United States can be defined as permissive when it comes to asbestos.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week, running April 1-7, is an opportunity to increase awareness of asbestos and its dangers, advocate for a ban of asbestos, and promote prevention of asbestos-related diseases. So, where does the U.S. stand in the world on asbestos use and production? In...

The Cosmetic Industry: Where Pre-Approval is Not Required

Possible asbestos in Claire’s makeup serves as a reminder of “lenient” oversight in the cosmetic industry

Claire’s dismisses claims of alleged asbestos-contaminated makeup after a Rhode Island mother reports finding asbestos in her child’s makeup. Becoming concerned about the ingredients in the makeup, Kristi Warner sent in samples to an independent lab for testing in North Carolina....

Time Ticks as Claim Window Nears Closing in Libby, Montana

asbestos exposure Time is running out as the statute of limitations winds down for victims of asbestos related illnesses.

The three year statute of limitations allowing possible recovery for those who developed asbestos-related diseases as a result of living and working in Libby, Montana is set to expire on February 25, 2018. While the statute of limitations in Montana to file a personal injury claim is three...

Johnson & Johnson Memorandum Suggests Dangers in Baby Powder

asbestos attorneys Johnson & Johnson demonstrates lack of transparency and consistency in its communication with the public.

One question in one memo has become a proverbial Pandora’s box for Johnson & Johnson. The memorandum in question addressed the issue of if their baby powder contained even the smallest amount of asbestos, how much asbestos would a baby inhale when dusted with the powder? But...

City Demolitions Show Lack of Asbestos Mitigation

asbestos attorneys

Austin’s city council will study demolitions’ effect on affordable housing and how a lack of mitigation on asbestos may not be helping.

A recent audit in Austin, Texas has found an increasing number of housing demolitions with a lack of safety oversight. As such, the Austin City Council has approved resolutions aimed at addressing the issue brought by a city council member who has...

The DIY Phenomenon with the Potential to Kill

asbestos attorneys There’s more than meets the eye to home renovations that lead to unintentional asbestos exposure.

You work. You spend years saving. You’re finally able to move into a home of your own. One unsuspecting afternoon there’s a fire with significant damage. You’re then told that your house is filled with asbestos. This is what happened to an Australian couple after living in the home that...

Asbestos Ban Can Eliminate Confusion and Danger

malignant mesothelioma A proactive approach to banning and eliminating asbestos on ships prevents exposure and unnecessary illness and death.

Lack of uniformity can often lead to confusion, but when it involves a dangerous carcinogen such as asbestos, the likelihood of danger significantly increases as well. According to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), there are two options for...

Asbestos: The Cancer-Causing, Workplace Carcinogen

Workplace exposure to carcinogens

According to a Canadian study, the flu and the common cold are not the only illnesses resulting from workplace exposure.

A new study conducted by the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) and Cancer Care Ontario reveals that the prevalence of on-the-job hazardous substances is much higher than many realize. Workplace exposure to carcinogens such as diesel exhaust,...

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