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Honoring Mesothelioma Victims and Fighting Asbestos Exposure

Each year on September 26th, we celebrate Mesothelioma Awareness Day to honor those who have lost the battle against mesothelioma, to acknowledge those who are still living with the disease, and to fight against asbestos exposure. To understand the importance of this day, we sat down with Dallas mesothelioma attorney, Patrick Wigle, and asked him what it means to work with victims of asbestos...

Lenient Regulations Leaves Kids at Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Some products you’d never expect to be recalled due to asbestos contamination — cosmetics for young kids might top that list. However, Claire’s Stores has been under scrutiny since 2017 when their products first tested positive for asbestos. Additional products tested positive since then, as recently as March 2019.

Even though cosmetics are regulated, they are not subjected to a...

The EPA Disregards Its Experts, Failing to Prevent Asbestos Exposure

Although asbestos is currently banned in more than 60 other countries, the U.S. has failed to ban this toxic chemical and end asbestos exposure for good. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did not heed the recommendations of its scientists in issuing regulations. The U.S. Congress is pushing for a ban, yet the EPA claims it must continue to evaluate the material before taking further...

Talc: Asbestos Exposure in Everyday Objects

Are manufacturers that use talcum powder-based products taking advantage of consumers and exposing families to asbestos? 

For a number of years, women across the country have been claiming that talc found in Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Baby Powder has caused ovarian cancer.

Nevertheless, manufacturers continually use talcum powder in a multitude of products – many of which...

Harrowing Reality of Asbestos Exposure and Corporate Greed

asbestos exposure victims

A Canadian journalist’s visual investigation into the lives of asbestos exposure victims drove the families to share their stories and successfully lobby for a federal ban on asbestos products in Canada.

Conversation isn’t enough anymore. Victims of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma need to be seen. Louie Palu, a Canadian photojournalist, uncovers the reality of the disease in his...

Johnson & Johnson Knew About Asbestos All Along

asbestos-contaminated baby powder

An investigative report shines a light on the company’s deception about asbestos-contaminated baby powder

Aware that its talcum powder-based products tested positive for asbestos, Johnson & Johnson executives went to great lengths to hide the dangerous truth from the public and regulators, according to internal company documents examined by Reuters.  The investigation documented...

$4.4M Verdict in Asbestos Bowling Ball Trial

Jury sides with the family of a former bowling alley owner who contracted mesothelioma after drilling asbestos-containing bowling balls for years.

LOS ANGELES –– A Los Angeles County jury awarded $4.4 million to the family of a former bowling alley owner, Donald Vanni. The jury found asbestos supplier Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) responsible for Donald...

For Honored Veterans, the Fight Continues with Mesothelioma

Exposed to Asbestos

The men and women of the military who protected us now battle for their lives.  

The brave men and women who served in the United States armed forces deserve to be honored and recognized for what they have done for our country. But for many of them, war still exists as they battle for their lives against mesothelioma.

Were You or a Loved One...

Waters Kraus & Paul Sponsors Major Mesothelioma Symposium

Leading asbestos law firm’s donation supports a three-day exchange of ideas in the field of mesothelioma and fellowship for those affected by the disease.

DALLAS –– Waters Kraus & Paul announces a $17,000 sponsorship supporting the 2019 International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma. The symposium is one of the foremost events exploring this rare...

Study Finds Increased Rates of Mesothelioma in Firefighters

victims of asbestos exposure

According to a new study, firefighters are fighting more than fires — they’re also battling deadly cancer.

Our nation’s 1.1 million firefighters are among the first responders to save people in an emergency––and among the first to come in contact with hazardous materials such as asbestos. A study funded by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that firefighters...

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